Mobility & Stability
(Reducing biomechanical stress)

Optimal training requires movement that is free from bothersome constraints. With the aid of a hard foam roller and comprehensive exercises that stretch the joints, restrictions are reduced. Next, we activate the stabilizing muscles of the hips, spinal column and shoulder girdle. This preventive preparation for the upcoming impact lays the foundation for achieving the goals of your training.

Functional Strength
(Optimizing movement)

A foundational pattern of movement – push, pull, bend, stretch and rotate – is performed on state-of-the-art equipment. We also incorporate cable reels, dumb-bells and body weight, so as to facilitate complex movements and adjust intensity. Efficient training improves strength and endurance simultaneously, as long as it is performed intelligently. We’re not just training muscles, but also movement.

Perfect Fitness
(Putting strength to intelligent use)

The ability to minimize stressful impact on joints, as well as to develop more strength in support of the movement of the joints, are indicators of a healthy body. The ability to minimize stressful impact on joints, while also developing more strength to support the joints in movement, are indicators of a healthy body. The ability to perform such movement effortlessly and with precision, even with a high load, constitutes the definition of fitness. It makes no difference whether you aim to be fit for day-to-day living or your favorite sport. If you stick to this basic concept, your body will undergo a positive transformation.

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