Personal Training mit Kurzhanteln



Don't leave the achievement of your health goals to chance. We look forward to implementing your goals together with you.

Personal Training

Achieve Your Goals

Why today do more and more high-profile personalities in politics, business and entertainment work out with a personal trainer? Because they’ve recognized that personalized, goal-oriented training leads to greater and faster success.

Personal Training Ausdauergerät

The time they invest must be optimized without loss of motivation. During your training session, your personal trainer tends exclusively to you.



Our holistic training concept is specially tailored to your needs and fitness level. With us, you can reach your goals faster.


Interactive Software

Fitlinxx Konsole

Consider the paper version of a training plan history. From now on, FitLinxx is taking over your planning. This interactive software displays your personal settings on every machine.

Personal Training, only from

certified fitness trainers

For targeted and individual personal training, we only employ trained sports scientists, sports science students and certified fitness trainers.


Short and intense

Power Plate makes it possible to achieve optimal results through short and efficient training sessions. Through multi-dimensional vibrations, significantly more intense muscle reflexes are generated than during a regular strength training session. A lot of top athletes now incorporate Power Plate into their core workout routine.