Body Combat – Les Mills

Body Combat is the empowering workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

Dance Aerobics

A wild endurance training with dance elements of Jazz, Latin and street style combined with aerobic steps.

Body Step – Les Mills / Easy Step & Sweat

Focused learning of the Step basics and simple step combinations. In this workout you combine joint- and back friendly, intensive circulatory exercise with the strengthening of legs and butt. You’ll perspire and have a great time.

Indoor Cycling

A Joint-friendly cardio workout on a special indoor cycle. Through a variety of biking techniques, your heart circulation is exercised and your fat burning boosted. One of the best fat burning methods.


Zumba literally means “to move fast and have fun”. Zumba is fun and easy! The dance steps are easy to follow and anyone can join in. Zumba is different! Zumba is effective! Here we go!

TôSô X

TôSô X is fast and hard, and each participant is able to determine their level. It is a combination of punches and kicks with power and control. Tae Bo is not just sweating, exercise and weight loss, but it is also the achievement of one’s physical and mental limits and a strengthening of willpower.

Strength Training

Bodypump / Express – Les Mills

A strength endurance training with bars and free weights. This uncomplicated effective class gives strength and definition to your muscles. A strenuous workout that’s fun.

CXworx – Les Mills

A fast and efficient 30min workout to increase power, tighten and define core muscles and improve flexibility.

Abs Express

An intensive abdominal muscle training for those who want to improve the core stabilization in a short period of time. Go for the burn.


Based on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sports conditioning workout, designed to make you perform like an athlete. This workout often uses a step, bodyweight exercises and multi-dimensional sports conditioning training to increase your overall athletic performance strength, agility, speed and power.


Using weight plates and the bench, GRIT STRENGTH is an intense 30-minute team training session that will blast all major muscle groups and take your training to the next level. The explosive movements will increase your metabolism and you will achieve an athletic body.


Designed to burn fat and rapidly improve athletic capability, it is explosive and combines high impact body weight exercises which uses no epuipment. GRIT CARDIO provides the challenge and intensity you need to take your training up a notch to really get results.

Body Tone

Strengthening all your muscle groups with and without aids (steps, bars, tubes, etc.), your body line is toned and sculpted.

ABT / Intensive / Express

“Abs, Buns & Thighs”. An intensive workout using tools like steps, handlebars, etc. intensifying the exertion, increasing the appeal of the exercise, and giving “problem zones” more intensive treatment.

Back Fitness

Mobilization and strengthening of your back, neck and abdominal muscles. Through goal specific exercises you improve posture and prevent back pain. Focus: strengthening.

Pilates Back-Mix

This involves Pilates exercises and strengthening of the back. See also Pilates Mat and Back Fitness.

Saturday / Sunday Surprise

A cardio and strength training course that will change every week. Please see the weekly group fitness schedule for details. Lots of fun for all!


Yin Yoga

Stretches the body’s deep tissue and improves flexibility; it soothes your spirit from the hectic pace of day-to-day living, regulates the energy in your body, and brings equanimity and peace to your soul.

Pilates Mat

The Pilates method is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercices. With this workout your muscles will be strengthened and sculpted, your posture improved, your flexibility and balance increased and your body and mind harmonized.

Yoga / Advanced

Yoga combines simple and effective biomechanical principles to the orientation of the body with a deep spiritual understanding of yoga. In these classes there is an emphasis placed on precision – both to protect specifically against injury and the other to experience the full benefits of the asanas.


In the BodyART training principle the human being stands as a functional unit. BodyART connects elements of Yoga, exercise therapy, Japanese DO IN, own position and classic breathing methods and puts it together to a synergy of Training and Relaxation.